András Félegyházy and his 4×4 extra-high top conversion

Several of us know András and have heard of his mythical fibre glass roofing skills! András paid me a visit in Brighton on his way to Dover to leave these shores for his home town in Hungary and then on to a new work contract in Mongolia! Can’t wait for his updates on that one! Anyway I am very proud to unveil these latest photos of his finished and tuned rig and there are lots of details below.

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Noah and the Red Whale!


Noah is new to VOLT and to LT’s. He’s a bit adventure-mad having previously ridden a KTM through 42 countries over 2.5 years! I caught up with him on Facebook on his current trip which involved buying the LT and flying from his home in the US to Scotland to pick it up and do some work on it. He has now embarked on a voyage that Noah hopes will see him driving the rig al the way across Europe and northern Asia to eventually have it shipped back to the US. Continue reading

German VW LT Freunde Meet Up 2016

It’s the 26th year that a group of German LT owners have been meeting up with their vans to share their love and knowledge of our wonderful vehicles, and this year a dedicate group of VOLT-ers (really? how many?!) made what should become an annual pilgrimage over the central northern Germany to join in. Here are Tim’s journal entries.

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VW LT Malvern Camper & Bus Show

The VOLT Facebook group were invited along to display our vans at 2015’s Malvern Camper & Bus show. It’s a lovely green valley with the castle sitting proudly at one end. Our rage tag group had the whole length of one side of the field that the evenings entertainment was in, so although we were unmissable it was also fairly loud until late. This didn’t stop the little ones (and bigger ones) falling asleep after 2 very fun-filled days.

It was a delight to show off our vans – a stark contrast to most of the other well groomed & polished, expensive rides. We kept it real and had lots of lovely discussions as most people popped their heads in over the weekend. Continue reading

VW LT Meet – The Flordon Gathering


LT owners are a brave bunch – getting together in a field with hardly any facilities (read on for more!) in April is not everyone’s cup of tea, but nevertheless the mighty LT represented well with 10 mk 1’s attending our first gathering of 2015.

These vans are no ordinary camper. Most are custom builds, and of course all are based on VW’s first commercial vehicle the Lasten-Transporter (or cargo transporter). All in attendance were mk 1’s – the pre-facelift/Sprinter-merge version – and several were in different phases of conversion (a big part of ownership is always having new ideas to improve things!) Continue reading

LT Mk 1 – Last of a Dying Breed?

This article is a version of one that originally appears in the December edition of VW Camper & Commercial Magazine. Additional photos are by Russell Valentine.

An inaugural meeting of a new group of classic commercial VW vans stole a late summer weekend away at one of the most central campsites its organiser could find – Heyford Leys near Bicester ( Chosen to attract as many owners of the mighty VW LT van as geographically possible, the weekend was a gorgeous, warm late summer treat.

Tucked away a little green stretch of field 14 Mk 1 VW LT’s trooped in over the weekend. All bar one of these legendary commercial vehicles were self builds – either by their current owners (some had to down tools to make the trip!) and some in-part by previous professional fitter/owners.

Everyone had a story to tell, and it was so lovely to instantly bond over the common denominator – our beloved LT 1’s – and tell our stories. Here are some of them. Continue reading

First VW LT Campervan Trip to France

We’ve just returned from a mad 1500 mile dash round France in the van down to Valence in the Drome to take a 3 night break at the villa owned by my best man Sam’s parents.

It was a great break and despite the mileage we had great fun in the van. We survived the miles, the heat (34 degrees in the sun and 32 degrees in the van at the end of the day), the confined space, and the close proximity with Archie for such a long period.

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