Gear Linkage Bush replacement (LHD)

(Originally posted on the VOLT Facebook group by Karl Barrs)

A job I needed to do on the project Florida. Did some reading including the German Wiki pages etc but that didn’t really help much. Lots of detailed info but it mentioned I’d need to remove the whole rod to press out the pin?

Got stuck in and it’s actually pretty straightforward. Thought I’d share what I did in case it helps anyone.

This applies to LHD. (Although the bushes and ball at the gearbox end are the same…there’s just a more convoluted route to get there!)

I’ve added further info to the photos.

Parts required.

Guide bush and ball (Brickwerks etc) see pics.

  • Remove spare wheel and plastic under-box thing. This is held on with four 10mm headed screws each side
  • Undo the four 13mm headed bolts holding (21) in position.
  • Remove (21) and cut off the guide bush. Drive out roll pin. Clean everything up. Sand down the bush so it slides easily in the tube. Clean up inside the tube too. Fit new bush and tap the pin back through. Make sure it’s located in both sides of the bush.
  • Remove ball (or fish the remains out of (18) if it’s really bad like mine was!). Put the new one in boiling water for a minute or so and pop it on the rod.
  • Grease everything up and reassemble. Refit the rubber boots or source new ones / make something to fit to prevent dust and dirt entering.

Unsurprisingly ; as the ‘ball’ wasn’t ball shaped nor actually attached to anything the difference in gear change is remarkable!

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