From 1978 to 1996, a total of 3,103 Volkswagen LT based models were produced. These included the LT “M”, LT “L 1”, LT “L 2”, LT “L Distance Wide”, LT “L Distance-Wide Gold”, LT “H Distance-Wide”, LT “H Distance-Wide Gold”, LT “S Distance-Wide” and the top-of-the-line LT “Distance-Wide Autovilla”.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 21.17.09Karmann-Mobil – 1978

A beautiful brochure printed by Karmann, all in color and with 12 pages.
It clearly highlights the quality of the materials and appearance almost home furnishings, outstandingly Germanic … You can appreciate the choices to move all the beds in the front of the vehicle, allowing easy use of the toilet by all, during the night. (download link)


karmann-wohnmobilKarmann-Mobil – 1978

The Karmann presents this motorhome on a VW LT very special. The villa sleeps 4, three in the big bed obtainable from the dinette (200 x 190 cm) and a single attic above the cab. Two beds are obtained with the same number of folding beds above the dinette. The entrance is located at the rear right, in front is the shower room, then the kitchen block and finally the dinette placed just behind the cockpit. (link)

Karmann-Mobil Brochure – 1983

This brochure describes the whole production as based on the Volkswagen Karmann LT and Transporter T3. The date is assumed as inside refers to the 2.4 turbo diesel engine that was introduced by Volkswagen in 1983 … After a first part of general descriptions on equipment and fittings, we find useful diagrams illustrating the interior of the three procedures available . As for the LT, the L has the classic layout of the bathroom and the kitchen in the tail and four beds, while ol H2 presents the services at the centre and two sleeping areas as opposed to a total of five seats. (download link)

Karmann Mobil Programm – 1987
In this brochure of 12 pages Karmann presents its program for leisure, in particular introducing the Cheetah model based VW T3 which differs only in the kitchen block from the already seen Gipsy. In the catalog also two versions of the VW LT with four or five beds.The first (modell L) of the two favors the habitability for 4 with a toilet definitely more convenient, the second (modell H2) is definitely suitable for a large family with 5 beds.



karmann-vw-lt-2 karmann-vw-lt-3 karmann-vw-lt-4 karmann-vw-lt-5 karmann-vw-lt-6 karmann-vw-lt-7


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  1. hi real beauties.
    please help.
    i have a leak on the roof, what is the roof made of?.
    I have a 1996 Karmann Distance Wide Gold, with plastic/ grp roof.
    Where there could have been windows [ depending on model ] the plastic has cracked.
    I wish to repair roof with the correct materials.
    So which is it ?.
    Trudy is in perfect condition and i wish to visit Scotland in May.

  2. I have VW LT 31 1994 Karmann and I need a motor set for L-window. It seems very difficult to find such a power window motor set..
    If there is someone out there who knows something please let me know.
    Sævar Líndal
    107 Reykjavík


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