QuestionsCategory: QuestionsI need some advice on buying an LT
jono asked 4 years ago

I could really use some LT advice.
I’m thinking of getting an old German LT fire truck for European and possible desert adventures, had a look around and they seem to be about £6,000 with a rear locking diff. I’d need to add a pop-top for comfort but overall I think this could be a really good option for me 🙂 Spares seem available, easy to work on myself and super low fire truck mileage stored in heated buildings so minimal rust –
but, what are they like to live with? How slow are they? What do I need to know about them?
If I’m honest all in it’s going to cost about £10,000 for the conversion and at that price shouldn’t I be looking at something newer, more reliable, quicker?
Any feed back would be a great help, I’d much rather get a ‘cute classic’ than a ‘stalker bus’ LOL

Tim Aldiss Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Jono. Firstly did you read the buyers guide on here? That’s the best place to get started with advice on buying. However it sounds like you want more of a feel of the LT rather than advice… What have you driven before? It would be good to know to get a gauge of your expectations. They aren’t quick. Do you know what engine you’ve got in there? If it’s the late model ACL’s then you have the most power you are going to get. If your low mileage engine is in as good a condition as it should be as an ex-fire truck you should then be able to tune it – either at Wilfreds in Germany or MV Engineering in the UK – but you shouldn’t expect too much from what is essentially a commercial vehicle. Most owners love the forward driving position up and over the front wheels but the gearing car sometimes feel a little ponderous. I’ve always said that if you have your home on your back you shouldn’t expect it to go to fast but then people’s expectations are different, and let’s face facts – it’s harder to drive anywhere fast these days so why even worry about it! If I were you I’d try and get in a test drive. Where are you based? If you’re on Facebook join VOLT for more useless advice 😉