Cactus the green LT 4×4

Cactus is a 1987 VW LT 40 4×4 owned by Jose & Cristina. Cactus is helping Jose & Cristina fulfil their lifetime dream of travelling the world. At the time of writing Cactus & co. are in Chile, and are broadcasting wonderful imagery and messages via their website, Facebook page & Instagram channels:

I caught up with them and ask the a few questions that I felt weren’t covered in theri great conversion diary. Continue reading

A Mad Dash From Calais!

This is part two. Get up to speed with part one here: Rescuing 4×4 VW LT From Lithuania!

Importing a second hand vehicle is hard enough but when you’re not even sure that the vehicle can drive further than a few yards it adds a certain je ne sais quoi!

David & I are importing 2 orange series 1 4×4 VW LT’s. In part one of this series we flew out to Lithuania to view them and paid our deposit. Here’s an as yet unpublished video exclusive of our exciting test drive! Continue reading

First VW LT Campervan Trip to France

We’ve just returned from a mad 1500 mile dash round France in the van down to Valence in the Drome to take a 3 night break at the villa owned by my best man Sam’s parents.

It was a great break and despite the mileage we had great fun in the van. We survived the miles, the heat (34 degrees in the sun and 32 degrees in the van at the end of the day), the confined space, and the close proximity with Archie for such a long period.

IMG_0108 Continue reading