Noah and the Red Whale!


Noah is new to VOLT and to LT’s. He’s a bit adventure-mad having previously ridden a KTM through 42 countries over 2.5 years! I caught up with him on Facebook on his current trip which involved buying the LT and flying from his home in the US to Scotland to pick it up and do some work on it. He has now embarked on a voyage that Noah hopes will see him driving the rig al the way across Europe and northern Asia to eventually have it shipped back to the US. Ian Mcgilvary did the original conversion adding a high top to this beautiful ex-fire truck. Noah had the following 3 criteria for his van choice: it needed to be older than 25 years for him to drive it on his US license; he had to be able to stand up inside; and it needed to be a 4×4. The series 1 LT was a natural choice:

Tim Aldiss: Where u at?
Noah Horak: Somewhere in Russia. North of sochi, East of Ukraine
Tim Aldiss: Brilliant. Snow still?
Noah Horak: I’m heading deeper into Siberia and Kazakhstan
Tim Aldiss: Very cool. Travelling alone?
Noah Horak: Now yea. Sometime I convince a nice Russian girl to road trip with me
Tim Aldiss: lol, nice, nice 🙂
How’s the van doing, and how much work did you have done on her/it after you bought?
Noah Horak: Van is good
Had her airborne today accidentally
Hit a speed bump with no warning in dark going way to fast
Tim Aldiss: Oops. Any suspension mods or stock 4×4? Would have been nice to have a Go Pro beside the road for that!
Noah Horak: Stock 4×4
Tim Aldiss: You added the high top right?
Noah Horak: Not me
I built rear bumper and added tires
Tim Aldiss: Can I ask who you bought it from?
Noah Horak: Syncro nutz – Ian from Scotland
Tim Aldiss: And why this trip?
Noah Horak: Why not?
Tim Aldiss🙂
Tim Aldiss: SO what interior you got in the van?
Noah Horak: Westfelia
I’m going to change it I think
I want to take out shower
But I’m making winter camper
I don’t want water tanks
Tim Aldiss: Fresh tank is under the bed though right?
Noah Horak: Fresh tank is in back
I’ll keep sink
Tim Aldiss: So did you pick a name for your van Noah?
Noah Horak: Not yet
Waiting to name her after the Russian girl who deserves it most

Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!
Noah and the Red Whale!

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