Gear Linkage Bush replacement (LHD)

(Originally posted on the VOLT Facebook group by Karl Barrs)

A job I needed to do on the project Florida. Did some reading including the German Wiki pages etc but that didn’t really help much. Lots of detailed info but it mentioned I’d need to remove the whole rod to press out the pin?

Got stuck in and it’s actually pretty straightforward. Thought I’d share what I did in case it helps anyone.

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Wiring cab accessories such as fog lights

*This post is written by Kristiaan Nugteren and first appeared in the VOLT group on Facebook.

The purpose of this is to make the following improvements:

  • Higher performance from original front lights
  • Adding fog lights in a save way
  • New accessories don’t put additional stress on original wiring
  • More power available for power hungry accessories like radio

As the pictures show there is a power increase of 32% on low beam, and a 23% on high beam!

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VW LT 4×4 vs Syncro (T3)

Although I’m sure most of us would like to own both and use each for their respective purpose the reality is that most of us end up with just the choice of one so this article explores the pros and cons of each of the VW LT 4×4 and VW T3 Syncro platforms and end up pretty much meriting both.

Thanks very much to all those that contributed to Jack Mac’s thread here on the Facebook 4×4 VW LT group page.

It’s tough to choose between an LT 4×4 & a Syncro, and inevitably comes down to your personal choice, experience and usage requirements. Although there are obvious similarities both vehicles are actually very different beasts. It also obviously depends on how well equipped each of them is. One owner might like the versatility of a Syncro, while at the same time really appreciating the full bathroom and off road capabilities of an LT. There is obviously a lot more to the argument though and this article attempts to explore this a little more thanks to some opinions of owners of both vehicles. Continue reading

Cactus the green LT 4×4

Cactus is a 1987 VW LT 40 4×4 owned by Jose & Cristina. Cactus is helping Jose & Cristina fulfil their lifetime dream of travelling the world. At the time of writing Cactus & co. are in Chile, and are broadcasting wonderful imagery and messages via their website, Facebook page & Instagram channels:

I caught up with them and ask the a few questions that I felt weren’t covered in theri great conversion diary. Continue reading

A Mad Dash From Calais!

This is part two. Get up to speed with part one here: Rescuing 4×4 VW LT From Lithuania!

Importing a second hand vehicle is hard enough but when you’re not even sure that the vehicle can drive further than a few yards it adds a certain je ne sais quoi!

David & I are importing 2 orange series 1 4×4 VW LT’s. In part one of this series we flew out to Lithuania to view them and paid our deposit. Here’s an as yet unpublished video exclusive of our exciting test drive! Continue reading

Rescuing 4×4 VW LT From Lithuania!

I wasn’t the first to find that advert and unlike some other days that day I was late to see the post on the VOLT Facebook page. However on seeing that ad I knew there was something special about the orange 4×4 LT I saw.

David wasn’t kidding when he suggested the road trip having brought his current 4×4 LT back on a trailer towed behind his wife’s SUV all the way from somewhere in Germany near the Polish border. I however had slightly different thoughts. Lithuania is a long way away, and while I flew out and drove my Florida back from Munich it was a much safer bet to drive the 1000kms than the orange LT was. So instead, while several others chipped in on the thread with talk of purchase I tried another tack. Continue reading

András Félegyházy and his 4×4 extra-high top conversion

Several of us know András and have heard of his mythical fibre glass roofing skills! András paid me a visit in Brighton on his way to Dover to leave these shores for his home town in Hungary and then on to a new work contract in Mongolia! Can’t wait for his updates on that one! Anyway I am very proud to unveil these latest photos of his finished and tuned rig and there are lots of details below.

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Noah and the Red Whale!


Noah is new to VOLT and to LT’s. He’s a bit adventure-mad having previously ridden a KTM through 42 countries over 2.5 years! I caught up with him on Facebook on his current trip which involved buying the LT and flying from his home in the US to Scotland to pick it up and do some work on it. He has now embarked on a voyage that Noah hopes will see him driving the rig al the way across Europe and northern Asia to eventually have it shipped back to the US. Continue reading