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Other Westfalia Conversions

PDF download: 1980-00 Westfalia Wohnmobil Einrichtung im VW LT.pdf

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Autotrail Conversions


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Diamond RV Conversions

diamond-rv IF
diamond-rv-interior-5 diamond-rv-interior-4  IF  IF

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Niesmann & Bischoff Conversions

niesmann-bischoff-2 niesmann-bischoff-3 niesmann-bischoff-4 niesmann-bischoff
In the continuous search the web, I came across this German manufacturer, specialized in living cells large.The current name is Niesmann-Bischoff and is interesting to visit the company’s website that offers a free consultation archive of brochures of full production, since 1981. In the 80s and 90s was just one of the mechanical chosen the Volkswagen LT 31, 35, 40 … Impress the size of the cell, with dimensions of 4.70 m.6.70!The largest model can comfortably accommodate 8 people … The height reaches m.3.20.The brochure presented to the side can be viewed and downloaded from the company’s website, just click on the image and you will be transferred immediately to the pdf file. There are other models of brochures of other vintages … good research.Personally I can not wait to meet a giant like that in my way of the holidays! You can admire the spaciousness in the split in the side.

From the website of the Niesmann-Bischoff you can download the brochures historians made available free of charge from the company.Certainly a great service that allows you to appreciate both the availability of body manufacturer German is the quality of its productions, riots, always the “gigantism”.Think what it must have been in 1981 to meet one of these means of mechanical VW LT along the narrow streets of the historic center of our country ….! Very nice brochure still made with real freehand drawings in perspective view. Three interior equipment to meet the needs of a particular clientele. At that time there was talk of some 80,000 Marks! By clicking on the brochure reproduced will get a pdf file.
In 1982 the brochure introduces the photographic images of the medium, both as a whole and within the same. Three models are available that clearly are classified according to length: Clou 570S, 570E and Clou Clou 670F. The 570S (S = Sofa) favored the living area with a large “living room” and 5 beds: the Clou 570E (E = Etagenbetten) favored the beds with a bunk bed fixed for a total of 6 people; the 670F (F = Familie) pointed on the hospitality of well 8 people … Different configurations were based on the different arrangement of the kitchen and bathroom. Ranged, for this, the positioning of the entrance door to the living quarters.

In truth, the one you see on the side is not the cover of the brochure but the second page. I could not enter a brochure with a camper on the Fiat … The mechanics are available to Italian and German with Mercedes and Volkswagen: the latter represented the LT 50! Introduces a new model, the Clou 670P, where P stands for Pärchen (couples in German). For the first time we are dealing with a medium that has two full size beds, one in the attic above the cab, the other in the queue plus three beds obtainable from the dinette and sofa.


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Youngs Conversions

1536694_580582682016645_895747307_n 1554596_580582655349981_2053040100_n

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Royalty – 1978

The following year, the concept of luxury is even stronger in the image advertising of the legendary VW LT, so that a word game turns it into royalty, “real” adjective that is well suited to a medium prepared and sold in the United is Her Majesty the Queen of England! Curiously in the pictures you see of internal accessories classic dear to English gentlemen … tazzeda tea, pots decorated majolica, electric shavers for cleaningstaff and the inevitable suitcases leather …

Devon Volkswagen LT – 1977 – Great Britain (English)

Makes its appearance a new model of commercial vehicle called Volkswagen LT which is well suited to be converted to use a “living”. The famous company stand fitting Devon is the only on English soil to be officially recognized by Volkswagen as a partner in the construction of recreational vehicles. This brochure relies entirely on the concept of luxury boasting the presence of a shower to “full height”, a comfortable kitchenette equipped with a real oven, a large refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner with an air filter and an extractor of vapors. Four beds on two levels …

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VW LT Carthago

Genius 41-1994 – Germany (German)
In the category of Volkswagen lofts are the Genius 41 of the early 90s, made by the German company Carthago, another very well known company in the media landscape recreational. In those years the mechanics VW was considered the most suitable for half of that tonnage: we are talking about then the LT 41 LT 28 elder brother of the legendary, much more widespread …


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Another interesting proposal “national”, this time based on the biggest Volkswagen LT 35. The Camper Italy had introduced in those years the monocoque fiberglass that was then stratified by hand … The Engineer Marco Scagliarini was the sole owner and Company founder of Calenzano, in the province of Florence. He was the designer and designer of these interesting mansard monocoque, made in two versions, the “LIVING” and “FAMILY”.
These news are kindly provided by Leonardo Loiacono (Bari), lucky and satisfied owner of a Puma 600 that has kept over time – nearly 20 years – brochures and reviews on the model in question. In 1993 the purchase price was about 100 million pounds of old! Leonardo is keen to farr notice the “complete compatibility stylistic forms of the attic with the cab of the VW LT”, a design truly successful. … A special compartment bathroom is a convenient “mezzavasca” bath … like being at home!

The magazine “Life in Camper” in the March 2008 began to publish stories of passionate campers who prefer to travel again with VR historians. The first report is devoted to the Camper Italy Puma 600 Mauritian subscribed to our mailing list. Click on the image to read the article and possibly download it to your desktop. E ‘in pdf format. Meanwhile congratulations friend Maurizio and maybe one day you can know at a rally on mechanical Volkswagen Camper!

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North Camper: Jumbo Van 531 – 1982
The North Camper has a long history which has its headquarters near Trento: the leap into the world of camper dell’allestimento happened right in the eighties following the prudent decision to adopt as a basis for their own projects and the reliable “compact” VW LT. Great attention to detail and materials used: these are the characteristics that have allowed the transport of North Camper confront fearlessly with the German production (Westfalia) and arrive safely to this day with the equipment intact and functional! Production philosophy of the past …

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The Bimobil kindly allowed this brochure retrieved from dellìazienda … however we are not able to date it accurately. The vehicle concerned is a VW LT 28 that already has the template for the second series which should accommodate the late ’80s or early’ 90s … We are dealing with a living quarters of generous size and the details of large value. Note the side door entrance sectioned and the back of the camper completely opened, a characteristic that the Bimobil has retained also in the means of the production of VW Crafter. The table dinette area is adjustable in height to derive the second bed. The main one is in the attic above the cab. The vehicle is equipped with a comfortable shower …
Bimobil PM 320 – early 90s – Germany (German)
Bigger version of the PM 320, is based on the chassis of the VW LT 31 and is definitely the most complete being equipped with toilet compartment with shower. 4 comfortable seats on two double beds plus a single bed for child proceeds through the transformation of a bench located at the side entrance of the cell. Here, too, appreciates the tailgate opens fully and that allows you to live the space dinette almost you were outdoors! Cooker with two gas burners, sink with pull-out spray faucet for greater comfort, removable work surface to increase the room for maneuver in the kitchen, etc …

Bimobil FM 400 – early 90s – Germany (German)

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