The brick. An often overlooked commercial vehicle that is becoming more and more of a gem in the VW range. We’ve seen too many classic split screen revivals, too many rat-look bays, too many pointy noised T4’s, and too many hot rodded T5’s, but the LT – and particularly the LT Mk 1 – was a square box onto which very few professional converters fitted their wares, leaving instead a world full of self-builds, and in tow a world full of stories to tell.

This site tells a few of those stories and hopes to serve as a memory of these fantastic vehicles (the Mk 1’s have now not been in production for 20 years). There’s some blurb on the van’s themselves (some nicked from Wikipedia, some nicked from Brick Yard), a brief history and summary of the main conversions – the Sven Hedin and Westfalia Florida, some stuff on the mighty 4 x 4 LT, a blog, event details and more.

Please feel free to contribute. Drop me a line if you’ve written something that you’d like published. Maybe you’ll be inspired by some of my build stories or journal entries and write your own. I’m always up for posting more LT photos, and you can sign up to follow me on Pinterest top right.

This website is brought to you in conjunction with VOLT the VW LT Owners Facebook group.

VW LT Karmann Distancewide Autovilla

VW LT Karmann Distancewide Autovilla

VW LT 4x4 with custom Florida high top

VW LT 4×4 with custom Florida high top. Source:

VW LT Kemperink XLWB

VW LT Kemperink XLWB


engine let-range

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  1. I’ve been driving and making my living from VW vans for years and have been telling the bay and T3 brigade that LTs will be the next big thing for the past 5 or 6 years! They didn’t listen but I’m not one to say “I told you so!”
    BUT I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

    • Having had what I presume was the first ever LT field at a large VW event this summer it does finally feel like the worm is turning Ian!

      • Brickwerks invited LT owners to join them at Campervan 2010 and a display of about a 12 or so vans took place as part of the official proceedings. Some photos appeared in Camper & Commercial magazine later that summer. As far as I’m aware, this is the first LT related event In the UK. Does anybody know of others predating 2010? Cheers from Ireland, Bryan

        • My wife and I have only bought our brick in May this year, lt35 hi torq, and love it to bits. We would be willing to meet up with other owners as when we have been out this year have been told how rare our unit is!

  2. You are right Ian! says that 2014 has seen approximately a 10% increase of registered LT Mk1’s in the UK, after a steady 10+ year decline.
    How exciting!

  3. There’s an LT in the picture that I converted back in 2002 and sold in 2005 or 6, it’s G704 PDV, I’d love to trace the owner and buy it back! Can you help?

    • Hi Colin, that is our Vera, I believe I also found you on Brickworks last year. She is too precious for us to sell I’m afraid. We bought her in 2011 and she had just been all over France with the previous owners. She is being used only in Britain at the moment and is our base for when we do the September Sizzle meets for Lts – find her and us on Facebook, Christine and Simon

  4. Hi there – I have an 1985 LT25. Beautifully converted by a boat builder. Just failed MOT on 3 minor things, one being not enough pressure behind water to windscreen wipers. Firstly, where does the water go? 2ndly, how do I get to the squirters?
    Thanks in anticipation, Susie

  5. Having been looking for a couple of years, I think I’ve finally found one. Just wondering how I find the Model & conversion company? Its an LT35 with 2000LT on the body. Thanks

  6. Yeah…not on facebook. Got it home now so will have a look around the chassis. Already been told the header tanks & gear gaiters are not available, any suppliers about?

  7. Hi. I have just bought my 4th LT camper. It appears to be a professional conversion with a shower cubicle just behind the cab area. Do you have a list of which companies offered LT camper conversions?

  8. I am a nigerian but need volkswagen bus lt bus for my small growing business in Nigeria. A very low cost bus that could still sustain my business for sometime. _ MJ Bright ( Lagos)

  9. Hi Tim, being a fan of the LT since my early twenties, after being given the ‘brick’, a mk1 LT28D as a new delivery driver. They put all new drivers in the ‘brick’ until they became competent, where they then were assigned iveco dailys. As I became competent, I refused the new vans and stayed with the ‘brick’ for two years before some temporary idiot took her out and totalled her. Saddest day of my career, drivind ivecos, AND lost my favourite truck. The seed(obsession) grew, and I have just bought an excellent LT35D panel van, which I intend to restore and take to meets. I am joining yr group today, after 40 yrs yearning and four very different LT ownerships…more soon…

  10. Hi
    Am thinking of buying a 1984 petrol LT28, but several people have put me off by saying it’s impossible to find parts. Should I listen to them or not?

    • Generally most parts are still available – if not new then certainly 2nd hand as there are always series 1 LT’s being broken. Join the VOLT group on Facebook – plenty of reassurance there. Have fun

  11. Hiya,

    Will the ‘bricks’ be making an appearance again at the Adventure Overland Show this year? It’s the 5th edition of the event, now held within the prestigious setting of Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse, Warwickshire 24-25 September 2016 – If so I can position you in alongside Club 80-90 Sycronauts as before.

    If you can make it, please email me at for a Club Display Stand Booking Form.


    Tom McGuigan
    (Event Director)

    • Thanks so much for the invite Tom – we’d be delighted and will see you there under the VOLT banner 🙂 Any other LT 1 owners who’d like to come please drop me a line via the contact form. Ta

  12. what’s the best engine conversion possible to get more power and speed from a LT 45 i was looking at Mercedes-Benz OM603 3.0 TD engine with auto or if i could find one manual gear box
    the d24t engine fitted to this van is massively underpowered and revs too high if that will not fit i might look at sprinter engine and manual gear box

    • It’s an often discussed topic. There have been successful transplants of several different engines including Merc e300td, Rover V8 & Lexus V6. The main trouble is marrying the gearbox. Of course you could change this too but you are then likely to have to modify the prop shaft… Depends where you want to start. Have you read through the threads on the Brick Yard LT forum or joined the VOLT Facebook group? Lots more info there. Remember to search before you post 😉 Good luck

  13. I really need help finding the fuel pump relay in my van. It’s the lt35 2006 plate. Looked under dash, under the battery plate and still can’t find it. Please help

  14. Hi,
    Can anyone help please? My daughter has a extremely reliable 1982 LT35 with a 2lt four cylinder petrol engine with a 4 speed gearbox. However there is grating noises when in 3rd and 4th and the local garage said it is the gearbox. I have tried everywhere to find a used gearbox and discovered the 2.4lt engine one does not fit. Read somewhere that a 5 speed can be fitted, but not sure if this is true. Anyone any ideas where I can find a box or if a 5 speed will definitely fit?
    Thanks Tom

  15. Hi all, I have an LT32 SWB low roof 2002 does any body know where I can get roof bars from?

    Also looking for someone who makes ply racking or has a template for some.


    • I would have thought searching eBay would find some easily, unless roofbars are an oddity against roofracks. 2002 is a few years late for us as our model stopped in 1996.

  16. i am not a member but found this site whilst looking into this lt28 the post has been posted on other vw forums . Through sad circumstances i have inherited a 1985 t28 a few months ago , the issue is that’s it in the south of France and some bloke called mairie wants it shifted as it has sat in a parking bay for a while as the previous owner my wife’s dad has died .
    I know little history of it or what the value of these campers are, so some guidance would be appreciated as I have another bereavement my wife’s step mum to deal with and dealing with the marire and the notaire will take some time as we also have the rest of the estate, a gite (shed with stairs ) to sort out.
    So the options are is it worth saving or do I let this bloke take it to the metal shopper as he suggested I know it’s sort how longs a piece of string question.
    I don’t really have the time to go to France to decide if I want to bring it back , so if anyone is interested it or are in France and want to look at it or save it let me know otherwise it’ll be scrapped . I have only one photo

  17. I have read this story a few times now and it is indeed sad for you, and also for the fate of the van.
    I know that many French, German, Dutch and Belgian owners have seen it too.
    We hope that the van is saved by someone.


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