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Mike Langdon asked 1 year ago

Hello all!
I’m a researcher/writer who has been trying to research the Audi Sport rally service teams in the early 80s, specifically from 1981-1985. I’m particularly interested in learning more about the Volkswagen LT vans that are in so many of the images of Audi Sport teams during that era, and I’m curious if anyone on the forum might be able to offer any insight or information? I’d be very interested in understanding the changes Audi Sport made to the vans, updated specs, etc, as well as what it was like driving one of them as a service member in the early 80s? I understand the service crews had to do some very skilled (and quick) driving on open roads to keep up with the cars. I wondered if there’s anything anyone in this community might be willing to share with me about the vans (specs, drivers & team members, etc.), or anything about the service teams in general, stories or experiences they may have had during different events (encounters with traffic or local authorities, mechanical issues, etc). I realize this is a pretty broad request, so any information anyone would be willing to offer me would be greatly appreciated! I’m interested in potentially writing an article covering the Audi Sport service teams & their vehicles (depending on the info that’s out there), but I’ve found almost nothing online or elsewhere about this part of Audi Sport’s history. Thank you so much in advance for any info anyone is willing/able to provide me!