QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHelp with my clutch pedal LT28 1981
Lawrie asked 7 years ago

Hi there,
First time using a forum, just really need some help! I have an 1981 LT28 with an old school clutch where your foot comes off the floor to locate the biting point? What can I do to change this and replicate a more modern day van (heel stays on the floor) to make it more convenient for longer journeys? 
I think the answer would be to install a hydraulic clutch? However I do not know how or where to start?
Hope somebody can help!
Kind regards,

Tim Aldiss Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Lawrie. LT’s are just like that I’m afraid and it would be an expensive custom job to fit rods or an electronic version to change the nature of the LT. Consider it good exercise!

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Lawrie Neal answered 7 years ago

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your reply. I guess I won’t be renting this van out but keeping it for personal use.
Do you know how expensive would we be talking and where would I need to go to if I was to get it done?
Kind regards