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Lionel Pradier asked 8 years ago

Hi, is it possible to convert standard florida 2wd LT 31 to 4WD? Or is it possible to fit Florida’s body on a LT40 4X4 under body?

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Tim Aldiss Staff answered 8 years ago

Nothing’s impossible but the 2wd to 4wd conversion has never been done. What has been done twice now is fit the Florida roof to a 4×4 van. To do this you have to fabricate an extension to the fibre glass roof. Then you could fit the Florida interior with some modification. Did you take a look at this blog post:×4-extra-high-top-conversion/ Sign up to VOLT on Facebook where there are more pics and a willing audience for questions like this!

Tim Aldiss answered 8 years ago

This guy quoted me between £15k & £20k to convert a 2WD LT to a 4×4 as he did with the T25 you can see on his website: