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2.4TD Fuse Numbers - Glow Plug Light Fault

We've bought an Austrian 2.4TD 1993 LT28, and after getting an MOT we've driven it back to the UK for fitting out as our home for next year.

On the drive back a fault devloped with the Glow Plug light staying on and turning on/off intermittently. Sometimes the brightness of the light was very, very weak and some fault finding has led me to believe that it is a fault with the fuse, possibly condensation/moisture, as some foot fiddling with the fuse box whilst driving can cure and create the fault.

Of course just to make life fun we are missing the fuse box cover and the Haynes manual for Petrol engines has no references to fuse numbers and the great online resources all seem to relate to the engine, so there is no list of which number fuse/relay relates to which function.

Could someone please tell me what the fuse numbers are/which fuse corresponds to the Glow Plugs (or even better, sell me a fuse box cover for the 2.4TD). Or suggest another problem for this? Haven't had a chance to check the plugs proper but I believe they are OK as the van has a pretty good service history/record.



  • Lucky buggers! Photos please!

    OK the glow plug fuses are actually under the engine cowl to the left hand side of the engine bay. There's a little box on it's own and it's quite likely that one of both fuses in there has cracked. If they aren't it could well be your relay. Have you tried starting it again since? If she doesn't start you can try jump starting the battery to the bus bar on the glow plugs on the engine itself to determine whether this is the case.

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