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LT future status and rareity

I am new to LTs following on from beetles and T4s.

It appears to me that this vehicle is a future classic with rareity guaranteed.

Can anyone say how rare they are compared to bays, splits, t25s etc etc.

Every vw rally I have been to always has the more popular types, with LTs being the minority by a mile.

I like the idea of joining a new phenomenon, but curious contractual statistics. Hence the query.....

Thanks in advance 


  • Hiya I don't know how many LT 1's were made in total and nor does Wikipedia. Trying to compare series is also interesting. First of course you have to bear in mind that the LT was VW's first commercial vehicle so there was a different market and therefore production runs would have been considered differently to the bays and splitties of yore. Whether this means there were more or less produced by volume is not known. The LT was produced from 1976 to 1996 with just 2 facelifts. The T1 to T6 span 1950 to the present day in all its' various variants so inevitably there are more. However it tends to be age and condition that matter in the classic car world, therefore an LT does have the chance to compete as long as it has been cherished and treasured just like any other vehicle. However (and this is why a lot of us strange folk like the LT) the LT is often considered the ugly sister. It's bulk and un-aerodynamic lines are often overlook when it comes to the more rounded nature of other types. I know I am biased but I do agree with you - LT's will become classics but they are (and have always been) underground classics! They do often command very good money. Low mileage ex-service vans are a case in point (many were used for these purposes in Europe). Even more so are 4x4 LT's of which only 1250 were made. They're out there - everyone else is just looking in the wrong direction!
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