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Radiator cooling fan

This is a bit of a help shout out, having had a recent breakdown where one of the fan fins broke off and went through the rubber shroud and caused it to split which then the flappy bit got sucke din and wrapped round the rest of the fan and caused the rest of the fins to shatter and punch a hole on a brand new year old radiator, got anotherNRF radiator for £224 brand new all I need now is the fan, it os the old trype, not a viscous fan that has the single allen head bolt to attach, it is the type with the fan blades with an open hole in the center with 4 bolt holes to attach to pulley, the hole across the center is 70 mm. I have been over the net like a rash and cannot find one anywhere, second hand will do of in good order, Have been onto Peter Grummit down south who breaks these and is alaways a great help with spares but he has none, only got viscous fans. If anyone has one to sell I would be enternally grateful, need it ASAP. They are obsolete new, would have got one of available, please reply or inbox me if you have one or got any leads. I have got a viscous fan and the pulley for it here but its a ball ache changing the pulley overso am trying to save time and work, putting on an electric fan is an option but for now would rather just get the right fan for the pulley on the front. thanks in advance


  • So that was an effort but managed to find a fan today. Good old internet, a classic VW place in Germany have original VW stock as these older fan types are not made by VW anymore. Am glad its a brand new one so at least the fan wont have had a life of work as second hand ones would have and as I have had one fan shatter baldes for no reason and caused bother, a new one will be peace of mind, was 144 Euro inc shipping. My LT 50 is mint as has spent most of its life dry stored when not in use so has never had any welding and the underside islke factorty new. the floor pans and windscreen surround is immaculate and its got a genuine 175,000 KM on the clock so need to give it the best to keep it in the coindition it is.
  • Good price I'd say. Sorry to hear about your breakdown disaster!
    I have a history of camper van addiction:
  • There is a supplier on eBay that has radiator fans - search for 'motortronic' on eBay
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