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LT35 Restoration

Hi, just I’ve joined up I have procured a 1979 LT motorhome She’s in bad shape and I paid way to much for her but I love my vw’s Audi’s and Skoda’s older models are my bag. So I’ve sold my caravan and bought this motorhome and it needs everything. inside is rotten as there’s been water leaking in for years. I’ve stripped the walls and ceiling and found the wall timbers are rotten in places and really flimsy. so I’m planning on removing all the timbers and replacing them all with new bigger material. I’ve found lots of holes in the roof so will plug them as I find them. hopefully that way it will dry out before I remove any timber in the walls or roof This is where I’m upto then the rebuild will begin with a modern refit retro outside. I was looking to do a rebuild thread but can’t find anywhere to do that. Any help on that great fully received Many thanks!!


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