QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat's a 4×4 mk1 LT worth?
Tom asked 3 years ago

Opinions please people… What’s a 4×4 mk1 LT worth? I don’t want to pay over the odds, and I want to make sure that if I get one, the money I put into it is worth while.
Thanks, Tom

2 Answers
Tim Aldiss answered 3 years ago

That’s such a “how long is a piece of string” question Tom. They are rare, and 4×4’s in good condition are exceptionally rare. In fact VW really bodged the rear axle when they ran this limited production so you’re likely looking at at least £2k to get the 4WD working properly. A refurbished well converted DOKA sells to the overland crowd for in excess of £15k. A tin top straight from the Austrian fire service is your best bet. Generally low mileage, well maintained but potentially with perishing rubber after 25+ years would be upwards of £12k . Otherwise look out for ex-utility high tops which are generally more abused upwards of £8k. Prices have been doing nothing but going up but be prepared to invest a lot to get it working properly. Things to look for: rolls freely, doesn’t overheat/smoke badly on start up, bodywork (mainly lower sills) not rotten, front axle turns without huge amounts of noise, transfer case switching between low and high, both front and rear difflocks work… Good luck

Tom answered 3 years ago

 Thank you Tim. I found one for sale for 12500 euros. It looks solid but it would no doubt have to undergo a complete transformation to turn it into what I want, I just didn\’t know if it was worth throwing £20k at one of these (including purchase price), and whether or not it would ever fetch that sort of money if I decided to sell. Thanks.