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Andy asked 3 years ago

Hi LT ‘er’s! 
I am the proud owner of a 1977 vw mk1 LT 28 as the heading suggests. 
I have a couple of questions for the more experience and knowledgable folk out there. I’ve just picked up the van and drove it home, was ok in first second and started to shudder and splutter if the revs were too low (under 2000) in third, though drove ok after realising this. Then I made the change into 4th with sufficient revs it immediately felt like it didn’t want to hold 4 th gear  and the revs and power dropped almost immediatley. (This is at only 40 miles an hour).
Any help would be appreciated.
Andy from Australia 

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Chris Batey answered 3 years ago

Welcome Andy,
There are not many LTs over there, two spring to mind.
?Petrol or diesel?
?Flat or incline?
?Fresh or old fuel?
?Standing for a while or used yesterday?