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Robin Thorn asked 2 years ago

I’ve just bought a an LT46 camper:
on the dashboard there are 2 pressure gauges (left and right) with car valves in their centers which I assume are connected to the air bags I think i can see in the rear suspension. Both currently read 0 BAR what pressure should I pump them up to??

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Chris Batey answered 2 years ago

 Good afternoon Robin,
That is a great looking coachbuilt. Strictly speaking the 46 did not exist until 1997 in the Series2, it is more likely a 45, but being picky.
There were some comments about your new acquisition when it was first spotted for sale last year on our sister FaceBook page VoLT. Some of the German members may be able to shed more light on your query.
It may be that they are ‘assisters’ rather than ‘suspension’. Posting an image would help.

Robin Thorn answered 2 years ago

Hi Chris, thanks for the info, here are some pics

Robin Thorn answered 2 years ago

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