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Lionel pradier asked 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for your answer on 4×4 conversion.))
 more questions, was the power steering fitted on LT 40 4×4 ? Was it optional? 
Can you instal 2.4tdi on all 4×4 models?
does that require loads of modifications and specific skills?

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Marlow answered 3 years ago

All VW LT 4×4 were fitted with power steering, earlier Sülzer ones didn\’t have power steering.   /M

Marlow answered 3 years ago

Oh, and there is no such thing as a 2.4TDI.
There are 2.4D and 2.4TD 6-cylindre for the Mk1 LT’s. There were 2.5TDI 5-cyl and 2.8 4-cyl TDI for the Mk2 LT.

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