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Ty Montgomery asked 2 years ago

Not sure if this has already been posted (or is general knowledge within the group) but I thought I\’d share. I own a 1992 LT 35 truck over here in the states and see that VW Classic Parts has many OEM replacement parts for the LT.
Prices aren\’t cheap but if you can’t find what you need from a breaker, this might be a solid option. See here:
Here’s a picture of my truck (1992 LT 35, 6cyl, petrol, dropside bed, dual tires, only 90km on the odometer). I get a lot of waves and second looks as LTs just aren’t seen much over here:
Yes, I’ll be contacting Tim about my lift kit as soon as I get my tire/wheel combo finalized.
Thanks for all the resources you folks are providing, very helpful!
Cheers …

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Chris Batey answered 2 years ago

Welcome Ty, Very nice LT. Sadly there is no way to refine the VW results to those WE actually want, so all the later model spares are listed too. ?Have you seen this? The VoLT group on Facebook is our sister, but there is also a group for those in the USofA; there are more than you might think, they are just spread around more.