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Tommy McLean asked 2 years ago

Dear Co-LT 1 Owners,
I own a LT 55, with the longest chassis, single cabin, with an open flat bed, DV Turbo Diesel engine.
Has anybody come up with thoughts about moving the engine backwards, “out” of the underside of the cabin and “under” the front end of the flat bed? Space should not be a problem…
Then either shortening or lengthening: propshafts, cables, hoses, tubes, gear lever selector links and other bits and bobs? Plus a maintenance trapdoor on the flatbed for basic maintenance like the tortoise-shell in the cabin?
I think this idea, if properly done could reduce noise levels, temperature issues and make the cabin feel better.
Any ideas? has it been done before? photos or links welcome…
Tommy McLean

1 Answers
Chris answered 2 years ago

Tommy, I think you will be a trail blazer with that, but I look forward to reading your account.