QuestionsCategory: QuestionsLt35 2.4d won't rev up
Mathew asked 3 years ago

Hi there, I’m having issues with a G reg lt35 horsebox. It’s had new cambelt and water pump, another head as the can snapped, injectors overhauled and the fuel pump over hauled. It now won’t rev up over 1500/2000 rpm. Could anyone help shed some light on this for me
Many thanks Matt

3 Answers
Chris answered 3 years ago

Mathew, ensure that the pump timing is correct and that the throttle cable is able to move freely over its\’ full range. Start with the basics first.

Mathew answered 3 years ago

Hiya, thanks for your response. Throttle cable off as I’m doing on the pump to make sure. All timing including pump has been tripped checked by three different mechanics. I still think there is a problem with the fuel pump but the company who rebuilt it are sure it’s not. So I’m a bit stuck

Dave answered 2 years ago

I had the same problem. I changed fuel and air filters, the fuel hoses, feed in and return, and connected a new fuel tank. No luck. Even tried with exhaust system removed. Nope. When it seemed it was a fuel pump or lack of compression in the engine I found the fault. The bolt attaching to exit of fuel filter was clogged, apparently with an algae. So check thoroughly all the fuel lines first