QuestionsCategory: QuestionsLT28 2.4D, poor starting from cold, fine when running
jason davies asked 2 years ago

Seeking advice regarding my LT28 2.4D, which is very slow starting when cold, but fine when warmed-up. It’s been sitting for a few months over winter, whilst having work done. But it had been okay starting before being parked up. Just fitted a new battery, which turns it over much quicker, but still slow to start. Maybe an issue with the following; glow plugs, relay or fuses ? Any advice is very welcome.

2 Answers
Chris Batey answered 2 years ago

Check the fuses in the engine bay first. Hairline cracks can appear which will limit the current carrying ability. It may be that there is only one set of three glowplugs getting sufficient current.

Jason Davies answered 2 years ago

Thanks Chris, I’ll add that to the list of jobs for the weekend. Happy Easter 🐣