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Kabar penutupan situs gushing film ilegal IndoXXI begitu menarik perhatian. Diketahui, situs IndoXXI menyatakan akan menutup situsnya per Januari 2020. Pengumuman ini berada di halaman utama situs tersebut.
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1. Ernest Prakasa bersyukur Sutradara Ernest Prakasa bersyukur saat mengetahui situs penyedia layanan film dan musik ilegal, salah satunya IndoXXI diblokir oleh Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika (Kominfo). “Bersyukur, semoga bukan hanya IndoXXI, tapi juga site bajakan lain,” individualized organization Ernest saat dihubungi melalui pesan WhatsApp, Rabu (25/12/2019).
Sebab, kehadiran situs web semacam itu bagi pria kelahiran Januari 1982 tersebut amat merugikan. Suami Meira Anastasia itu play on words berharap ke depannya pemerintah lebih menonjolkan keseriusan dalam membasmi pelanggaran Hak atas Kekayaan Intelektual (HAKI).
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2. Reaksi beragam warganet Percakapan tentang penutupan IndoXXI sempat merajai Twitter hingga menjadi inclining point. 
Indonesia based indoXXi gathering, which controls an enormous number of unlawful robbery sites and applications, has guaranteed that it had formally shut its tasks as of first January. The declaration was made through their different web based life accounts.
“Upbeat New Year 2020. Starting today, our site is not, at this point open, just like the case with the Indoxxi light application. Much obliged to you for being a faithful watcher of INDOXXI as of recently, consistently bolster the imaginative business to be further developed later on. Welcome, INDOXXI,” peruses the declaration from the gathering.
Some indoXXi gushing destinations can’t as of now be gotten to and the URL connects to a spring up which states: “Farewell 2019, Goodbye indoXXi. Much obliged to you.”
Be that as it may, there are as yet various indoXXi locales that stay operational and give access to pilfered Indonesian and universal substance. The US-based web traffic examination organization, Alexa, which estimates site prominence, positions indoXXi as the 721st most mainstream site on the planet. IndoXXi is additionally positioned inside the best 100 most well known sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan.
Following the December arrival of an AVIA authorized YouGov overview which found that 63% of Indonesians get to theft gushing sites, the Indonesian government promised to distinguish and arraign those working the indoXXi robbery sites except if they stop their tasks. The wild robbery levels in Indonesia has as of late been heightened to both the President’s and the Vice-President’s office.
In an ongoing media address the Minister of Communications and Information (KOMINFO), Mr. Johnny Plate, remarked, “Pilfered films create a negative effect on Indonesia. The legislature is building its venture atmosphere, which incorporates the assurance of protected innovation rights.”
Advertising Commissioner Mr. Asep Adi Saputra, Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police, informed the media that “the police completely underpins what is being finished by KOMINFO. We will be planning further whether there are further infringement of the law, particularly as it identifies with licensed innovation rights.”
The Director General of Aptika Kominfo, Mr. Semuel Abrijani, educated the media, “We are working with video and film relationship to annihilate pilfered sites. . . . It resembles waiting game. In any case, together with the VCI we will keep on pursueing them.” He proceeded to caution customers of the dangers related with robbery sites. “These locales are risky. Other than hurting IPR proprietors, we have found malware on a portion of the destinations that were blocked.”
Neil Gane, the General Manager of AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) remarked, “Robbery on such a scale is sorted out wrongdoing, straightforward as can be, with wrongdoing gatherings, for example, indoXXi, making considerable illegal incomes from the arrangement of taken substance. From a customer angle getting to pilfered content is likewise full of dangers. Theft sites have a tick cheerful client base and are being utilized increasingly more as misleading content to circulate malware. The sort of malware inserted inside the robbery biological system can incorporate especially destructive malware, for example, remote access trojans which permits the programmer to actuate and record from the gadget’s webcam without the casualty staying alert.”
To retaliate against the nation’s wild and harming on the web theft, the VCI has been working intimately with KOMINFO to recognize and square spaces related with robbery sites. Since July a year ago more than 1,000 theft sites and illicit application spaces have been hindered by KOMINFO. Individuals from the VCI incorporate AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), APFI, APROFI, GPBSI, Emtek Group, MNC Group, Viva Group, Telkom Indonesia, Cinema 21 Group, CGV, Cinemaxx, HOOQ, iflix, Viu, GoPlay, Rewind, SuperSoccerTV and Catchplay.
Indonesia based ‘indoXXi gathering’ controls various illicit robbery sites and applications which are gotten to all inclusive however especially well known all through SE Asia. The indoXXi bunch was recorded on the US Government’s 2019 USTR Notorious Markets List, which recognizes the most deplorable sites outside the United States that participate in and encourage generous copyright robbery or trademark forging. The US-based web traffic investigation organization, Alexa, which estimates site notoriety, positions indoXXi as the 721st most well known site on the planet. It is likewise positioned inside the main 100 most famous sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan.
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