QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to choose and find the right viscous coupling for LT35?
Robin Nataf asked 2 years ago

Hi all,
I’m here to see if anyone can help revive my LT35 2.4L Diesel (1992 model) 70 Cvx which has just broken down because the fan wheel got detached and fell into the radiator.
I’ve been able to find a guide to the engine (, and most parts for that, but I am missing the viscous coupling (5C on this guide).
The issue is that there are six available options (VW refs 073121350A, 073121350C, 075121350D, 075121350E, or 075121350F). Unfortunately the existing piece has fallen off, so how can I know which is the correct one for my engine? Does it even make a difference? And any idea where these might be available? They seem to have been discontinued since 15 years, and the only ones I found online were shipped from Germany at a very high cost…
Many thanks in advance for your help, cheers,

Tim Aldiss Staff replied 2 years ago

Robin have you tried posting in Brick Yard? There’s some good knowledge here:

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Russell answered 2 years ago

Don\’t waste your time & expense replacing it, fit an electric fan from Kenlowe or similar it will be much quieter & wont rob engine power.

Robin answered 2 years ago

Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback, makes sense. Can you recommend a specific ref? If not, any idea what specs I would to still do the job and fit at the right place (right in front of the radiator)? Cheers

Robin answered 2 years ago

Thanks Tim, I have, and got my answer actually so it should hopefully be sorted! Cheers

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