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Mats asked 2 years ago

Hi there,
I jst bought a time warp 1995 2,4 Turbo diesel LT 31 camper conversion with just 75.00 km from new. It’s a swedish build by SMC in aluminum. After testdriving it I feel the need to stiffen up the van and started looking for heavy duty gas or hi jacker shock absorbers. But I couldn’t find any. Do you guys now any OEMs that could fit rear?
Thanks in advance

2 Answers
Chris Batey answered 2 years ago

I cannot help with the shock absorbers but would love to see the conversion. It may be that the seals are showing their age and new standard ones would be sufficient. The Buyers Guide, in the left column, has links to parts mirrors for numbers which will help in your search.
SMC is a new name but a little Googling points at SMV being a caravan manufacturer, but either way, I would love to see it.
If you do Facebook call in to the LT Sweden Group and VW LT Owners (VoLT) too.

Mats answered 2 years ago

Thanks Chris. I’m considering changing to the H spec VW ones. Let’s see how that works out. Joining the LT group and will upload some pics of my gem!