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I've got a history of campervan addiction: www.campervanman.co.uk


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  • To add to this, I always email sales@brickwerks.co.uk when in doubt
  • @Aircooledfool the engine cowl itself or the sound deadening for the underside of it? @Butters find your post number here then email sales@brickwerks.co.uk is the best way to start: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lt+lt+4x4/lt/
  • Are you on Facebook Luis? I posted your question there and got this response: "I have a 2010 CEBB CR Crafter engine swapped in mine 1980 tin top LT35 . This engine not fit on the original LT gearbox ( so I also swapped the 6 speed gearbox in )" ht…
  • Grab a part number from here are start Googling: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lt+lt+4x4/lt/1994-109/4/
  • Good luck! It's a long but rewarding road. Join VOLT on Facebook and share your progress there https://www.facebook.com/groups/voltowners/
  • Find your part numbers here and start Googling: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lt+lt+4x4/lt/ Or just ring Brickwerks. Good luck
  • It's on top of the engine towards the rear, left hand side
  • OK more chat around VW MTDi and Merc OM606 engine swaps between Bouke Muis, Martin List-Petersen & Chris De Long: MTDI pump on a 2.5 TDI - engine code = AEL, ACV, others. there are a few variants. The 2.5 directly bolts to the LT bellhousi…
  • Hiya. Left side below the plugs in front of the injection pump
  • Does anything here help: http://www.lt1-forum.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=start:wichtige_daten:ausgleichsbehaelter_fuer_motorkuehlung
  • Hiya I don't know how many LT 1's were made in total and nor does Wikipedia. Trying to compare series is also interesting. First of course you have to bear in mind that the LT was VW's first commercial vehicle so there was a different market …
  • Looks like you are one of a kind Mandie!
  • In theory you can use anything that fits. I'm afraid you may have to try it yourself.
  • Good price I'd say. Sorry to hear about your breakdown disaster!
  • Lucky buggers! Photos please! OK the glow plug fuses are actually under the engine cowl to the left hand side of the engine bay. There's a little box on it's own and it's quite likely that one of both fuses in there has cracked. If they aren't it …
  • Archived photos from the now defunct Overland Junkies page after they fitted a Cummins engine in their LT in the States
  • From a thread on VW LT MKI Owners of the Americas... LT in attached photo has "a complete drivetrain swap by an unknown previous owner. Late 70's early 80's Chevy Suburban or K5 with a Sbc 305, Th350, NP203, Dana 44 and a Corporate 12 bolt. " …
  • More from VOLT! Ash Ley is fitting a 4.7L power tech V8 from a Jeep Grand Cherokee in his LT50 recovery truck, with a 545rfe auto gearbox.  The Land Rover Discovery ZF auto gearbox bolts straight onto the D24t engine. This means there's an opp…
  • More photos of Bernd's transplant here: http://www.vw-lt-karmann.de/Allbum/index.html Exhaust is from Volvo. The Engine is from Audi 100 AAT
  • Jason Ewing added: "18PSI on the DV engine with ACL intercooler works fine in our Florida. (Ok modified pump too - full fuel to 4000rpm) Now I need more gears. "
  • Rupert Davidson put a 4 litre Rover V8 in his Nellie. He runs the zf4hp22 box from a Range Rover but with a BMW output as he don't need the transfer box. He adds: "if I knew then what I know now I'd go crate chevy lump and box,same price if not chea…
  • One other point - Insurance. I contacted my insurer and told them that I had modified the suspension by upgrading the front coils and rear leaves and that I had fitted bigger wheels and there was no additional raise in my premium (Adrian Flux)
    in Wheels Comment by timaldiss June 2016
  • ...oh and I fitted General Grabber AT 235/75 R15 109 S tyres for £70 from ebay (Pneus online who don't seem to stock them any more)
    in Wheels Comment by timaldiss June 2016
  • Here's what I did in the end... I did angle grind the front arches - just in the black section of the Florida's side paintwork (but realised afterwards that I only needed to do the front of the wheel arch which is for some reason nearer the tyre) …
    in Wheels Comment by timaldiss June 2016
  • A recent transplant was conducted by Dave Townend over on VOLT (here's the link to the thread). Dave makes the job sound easy and did it over a few weekends on his drive! The finished results looks ace:
  • More useful info from Marlow:Intercooler was in the LTs from 93, if they had a turbo. Well ... And Volvos wink emoticon .. 740/940 are the same engine, but different wastegate (turbo kicks in earlier), intercooler, more aggressive cam and bigger inj…
  • From https://www.facebook.com/groups/voltowners/permalink/10153653004044421/ re Volvo 940 engine transplant with turbo diesel intercooler: An intercooler cools the air for the inlet making it more dense i.e. it burns better. The Volvo engine is VW…
  • in Wheels Comment by timaldiss October 2015
  • By way of an update on this here's a comparison of wheel sizes. Note that the rear wheel arch isn't a problem for bigger wheels but the front wheel arch has a width of 730mm or 28.7 inches at it's widest point.  The default wheel/tyre combo on my…
    in Wheels Comment by timaldiss October 2015