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Wheels for LT35 (1989)

Hi All, 

I am new to this forum and am looking to get some advice on an old LT35 that I am looking to restore. 

(Apologies in advance for what might seem like a really stupid question but I am very new to this..)

I have purchased a 1989 LT35 24D which has a horsebox conversion on the back. The wheels on the van are not in a great state (it has single axlewheels on front and double on the rear). 

Ideally I would replace the current wheels with a better looking set (the current one's are just the plain steel type). If this is not possible then I would like to source a replacement set that are in better condition. 

Can anyone advise me where to start on this, as most of the research I have done online has lead me to dead-ends. 

Thanks in advance!


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