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Please help us find a van

Hello everyone we are near to this forum we are Adam and Sarah husband and wife from Warwick and have been on the hunt for a van for about a year we have always wanted an lt35 mk1 and have been obsessed with looking to the point where you could say it has become an obsession. Our budget is £4000 were finding it hard to located lt35 as they seem to be few and far between if anybody can help us we would really appreciate it thank you everyone


  • Good afternoon,
    ?Why specifically an LT35? They are the ones able to carry the most on a recent standard UK license, but in most other respects are no different to the 28/31/40/45/50

    You can downplate 40/45/50 to 3.5tonnes quite easily, if it is licenses are an issue.

    The bodies are effectively identical, 28/31 have coil spring front suspension, 35E have a single rear wheel rather than the usual 35/40/45/50 twin wheel.

    Our FaceBook page, VoLT, has some for sale, but trawling eBay and Gumtree is the usual way.

    Good luck hunting,
  • Hi gang, we have reluctantly decided to sell our beloved camper van, Zippy, she is a 1988 LT35 with a 2.4 straight six diesel engine, 167573 miles on the clock, 12 months MOT. Zippy has a unique rat look, a total one off. My wife and I did the interior ourselves and is 1950's Amercan diner themed, the van has been to Mawgan Porth, Cornwall 4 times and never missed a beat there and back, she starts 1st time every time even in the coldest of winters. The van has a superb sound system which sounds awesome thru the 12" sub woofers and amp. As you can see the front seats need some TLC, despite this they are very comfortable, there is ample storage under the seating/ bed area. We are asking £5,000 ono. Thanks for looking.
  • Hope this helps i dont know how to put pics on yet, I've just joined the site, if you go on the volt page you will see my van on the, post under the name of Lee Patrick Mellor
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