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Speedo ( not swimming trunks)

Sven's speedo doesnt work. The mile stickers have been put on the inside of the dial , so it has been apart at some point. Now, whether the cable isnt connected or the cable is seized ( or part in gearbox) Can you still get new cables and plastic gears? I'm hoping it just isnt attached . I dont even know where to start. Any ideas would be most appreciated .



  • I know this is an old post but if you are still stuck. It happened to me. It was the plastic worm drive in the gearbox.  Part    Speedo Drive   281 957 821 H      ( blue ) . I think I got it from  . They have access to the giant warehouse in Germany where all the out date spares for VW's end up. It took about 5 weeks to come. Take the old one out and you will see if it is chewed up.


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