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Faulty dash board lights

Hi can anyone give a wee bit of advice.
I have a 1996 LT31 2.4D campervan. I am having problems with the dashboard lights. They come on and flicker and then go off. Occasionally they come back on if i bang my hand on the dashboard. Also the blue lamp for full beam does not work. I guess I would need to remove the instrument to find and repair the fault but am a bit nervous about attempting that..... any ideas.... if i have to remove the instrument panel is there a set way of doing it?

Thank you.


  • Ensure that the earth stars are clean and corrosion free first. There is one on the right frame of the fusebox and the other is to the left of the washer bottle.
    There is one more behind the dash but that tends to be clean throughout its' life.

    There are four screws to remove the dash but the speedometer cable and heating controls must also be removed first. The wiring is very short, so be prepared for some contortions.

    Apart from the engine everything else is the same. 

  • Thanks. I have managed to get the lights working now. The problem was the connection at the back of the switch - cable was too tight and was pulling the plug off the switch. I re-routed the cable which has worked fine. The blue full beam light on the dash still does'nt work and the illumination for the instruments does'nt work either. I will persevere ......
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