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2WD to 4x4

There's a lot of info on converting the T3 to the 4WD Syncro version. Just wondering if any one has converted the standard 2WD LT to a 4x4 version, I'm looking at the logistics of doing this?


  • You would need an left hand drive LT40+ since 28-35 have coil spring front suspension, and apart from one I think of, all were long.
    By the time you have a 4x4LT and swapped everything onto a 40, you might as well use the 4x4.

    Dana axles have been fitted reasonably recently but into a 4x4LT, since they are more easily maintained/repaired.

    Better to just save up. Relatively speaking there were very few 4x4LTs produced compared to thousands of Syncros.
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