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Engine noise reduction and power increase?

Hello everyone.

Tomorrow I'm planning on buying a 1986 LT35
motorhome with 6cyl turbodiesel (intercooler) engine. So far, my only
experience with LTs has been a test drive of an LT28 a few days ago. One
of the things which struck me about it was how the engine noise was
really penetrating into the cockpit. I also noticed how I couldn't comfortably build a speed above 80km/h. Are these things to be expected with all LTs or did I possibly test drive a banger?  I'm really keen on the one I'm going to look at tomorrow but some advice could really go a long way towards helping me make this big decision. If I find that the noise level is actually normal, are there any known means to reduce this without using bitumen based sound deadener. I was thinking that since the engine is located in the space between the two front seats could I just place a localised sound proofing box over this (a bit like the noise reducing boxes they use for generators)? Has anyone had any luck placing materials over this space and actually making any difference? I was even thinking about some custom made and carefully position sand bags covered with acoustic blanket and carpet. Knowing that something can be done will really help me make that decision as everything else about the van is perfect.
Also, Other than a full engine replacement, are there any modifications which can be done to increase max cruising speed? I do like this van, so I could spend a few K replacing the engine if I have to. If that is recommended, would anyone have any suggestions, bearing in mind that I'm planning on installing a vegetable oil kit so that I can run it on pure veggie oil.
Many many thanks!


  • Hi
    Don't forget that the LT is effectively a commercial vehicle so you won't get the performance you'd expect from a T5 or similar. There were different ratio rear axles in production so you may find one that goes quicker. It's unusual that someone will know what ratio their axle is however! I recently fitted stick-backed 2.5cm foil insulation to my engine cowl and it made the world of difference. Only problem now is that I can hear the mrs complaining!
    Good luck!
    I have a history of camper van addiction:
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