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Workshop Manual

Hi, I am new to this forum as I have just purchased an LT31 2.4 diesel campervan. Is there a worshop manual avaiable for this van?


  • There is a Haynes for the petrol variants but there has never been one for diesel. The engine and associated systems are all that separate the two types; chassis, electrical system, gearbox, differential....etc etc are all the same.

    Brickwerks sell the Haynes 

    If you can read German or enjoy pictures, you can download everything you need from for 7Euros+VAT 
  • Thanks that's really useful. I managed to find workshop manuals for the electrics and body on fleabay!
  • Where can I get a workshop manual for an LT 31 2.4i petrol 1993.
  • Baz, see my previous reply.
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