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1999 LT35 SDI to TDI engine swap


I have a 1999 VW LT35 SDI, unfortunately last night the engine died. Have always wanted to convert to TDI and now that's seeming like a potential option. I have spoken to a breaker who has a full engine that can be supplied with loom, ecu, key & transponder, exhaust and whatever else we need to get it in and running.

I've been scouring the net and various forums for any info on the swap, as far as my conversation with the breaker went, he reckons it should be a nut and bolt swap, plug and play. If this is the case then fantastic, I mean I'm sure I'll have to knock up some pipes or mounts for intercooler etc but as far as key running components go, what is required? And does anyone know if there is anything that could prove a potential issue?

Also the most pressing issue is time, needs to be completed within 2 weeks from yesterday!

Any help massively appreciated!


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