Please help us find a van

Hello everyone we are near to this forum we are Adam and Sarah husband and wife from Warwick and have been on the hunt for a van for about a year we have always wanted an lt35 mk1 and have been obsessed with looking to the point where you could say it has become an obsession. Our budget is £4000 were finding it hard to located lt35 as they seem to be few and far between if anybody can help us we would really appreciate it thank you everyone


  • Good afternoon,
    ?Why specifically an LT35? They are the ones able to carry the most on a recent standard UK license, but in most other respects are no different to the 28/31/40/45/50

    You can downplate 40/45/50 to 3.5tonnes quite easily, if it is licenses are an issue.

    The bodies are effectively identical, 28/31 have coil spring front suspension, 35E have a single rear wheel rather than the usual 35/40/45/50 twin wheel.

    Our FaceBook page, VoLT, has some for sale, but trawling eBay and Gumtree is the usual way.

    Good luck hunting,
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