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Brake servo

Hi all, my name is Tom Siddall and i am new to the group but not to LT's

I have a 1983 lt 31 lwb high roof petrol with a 1995 acl high torque turbo engine fitted.
as with all these vans they are a project under way......

among other things i want to fit the diesel brake servo from the donor truck, the petrol dl engine servo is about half as thick as the high torque diesel version.
The brakes are a little lacking when stopping from speed, i guess that the diesel vacuum pump needs a larger servo unit to achieve the same brake efficiency.
My question is do i need to replace the brake master cylinder  for a diesel version or are they the same across the vans ?
Also does the servo fit to the original mounting or does it require the diesel fittings.

I hope someone can help, and i look forward to coming on some runs and camping trips this year.
Many thanks Tom


  • will help to a point, matching part numbers etc. There are two servos listed but it does not say which models each was applied to.
    There are three master cylinders but one is ABS and one has a warning light. The pistons appear to be slightly different.
    Good luck with the journey.
  • Many thanks Chris, it turns out the servo I have to fit only comes from the Lt 40/50 and is twice as thick as my petrol one. The servo that is already fitted to my van is correct for all the other models.
    I will fit this larger model an see how it performs.
    Best wishes Tom
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