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Burnt out fuse box - fire repairs!

Here's a little fire story. I'm putting this out here in case anyone has experience or advice they can offer.

We have had a fire in the  Florida (LT31 1991). We were parked up (me and 3 kids), and someone tossed a penny into the lighter socket (good shot!). Sparks started around the socket, I couldn't fish it out - seemed to be jammed in there. Then  came smell of melting plastic and smoke from the other side of the dash. We evacuated the vehicle sharpish. Plastic was dripping from behind the dash.

With the kids in a safe place I went back in and got out the fire extinguisher, and sprayed everything with powder, eventually putting out the fire.
A passer by had helpfully called the fire brigade who duly turned up and checked for residual fire, and disconnected the battery for me.

Now I need to get it repaired. It'll need a replacement fuse box, relays, wiring and I don't know what else. It's at a garage here in Glasgow who've done electrical work for me before, but I think they're a bit daunted. The insurers have taken nearly three weeks to inform me they want it to be a total right off (category D), garage are fed up with having it hanging around.

And I'm booked on a ferry to Amsterdam on 23 June for a two-month trip across Europe...

A look at a few sites suggests parts are available -  mainly coming from Germany. I don't have the facilities or skills to work on it myself.

Ideally I'd like to find an electrical wizard and parts genius in Scotland who could sort it all out, but that's the 'unicorn' solution.

Other than that, any advice or pointers would be gratefully received.

And I advise always keeping the lighter in the socket, and don't give your kids money!

Thank you for your time.



  • A sorry tale indeed.

    Fuseboxes are available, a wanted advert in Brickyard, or VoLT or LT Vans and Parts both on FB, will get you one quite easily.
    The relays too are nothing unusual, and the extra holders can be anything to get you going, as long as the mounting is done sensibly.
    Good luck with your repairs.

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