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stiff gears

Hi all newbee here!! I have a 1996 lt35 and the gears got all stiff on me the other day!! I replaced bushings last year. Have checked again and bushings are all good but very stiff to put into gear? Any ideas anyone!! Could it be gear oil needed? But there is no oil leak. Or maybee oil change and what oil to use? Any info would be great. And what a brilliant forum you have!


  • ?Is this the first long run with the new bushes? It may be that the heat is expanding the plastic and they are jamming in the guide tubes, assuming it is the bushes and not something else.

    If all gears are affected, this seems probable.

    According to the Haynes manual its hypoid gear oil GL4 (MIL - L 2105) SAE 80.  LT 28 & 31 take 1.8 litres and LT 35, 40 & 45 take 2.2 litres. 

    Undo the filler bolt before you drop the oil.
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