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VW LT overdrive

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Paul Kluskens 
After reading yesterday's post about fitting a Volvo gearbox in an LT, I thought I will post my latest project online. I am still testing it but performed well on the latest vacation approx 2000km. For those who wonder if a Volvo overdrive fits the LT! It does
I have a history of camper van addiction:
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  • I bought an m46 Volvo gearbox with overdrive, separated the OD from the gearbox and made a stand alone unit out of it! Welded some brackets and custom made two prop shafts and mounted it instead of the existing prop shaft, made an electric switch on the gearshift lever, and it works!! Sounds very simple butt it took me almost a year to complete! Together with the ford transit 16" rims and 4.44 rear axle I now cruise 100kmh (gps) at approximately 2600rpm, much more comfortable now. The 6pot turbo diesel (d24tic) handless the "6th" gear very well! '88 Sven hedin fully packed about 3000KG Here some pictures off the build!

    it pulls the higher gear just fine, it even accelerates if you push the throttle! No need for downshifting if you want to overtake!

    The prop shafts weren't the biggest "problem" it was more making the unit stand alone, shortening the original gearbox shaft and making a flange on it. First I had a different prop shaft set up! That didn't work out so I ended up making two! The front one is made out of a donor LT prop (for having the slip joint) and the second one is custom made for the exact length!
    I have a history of camper van addiction:
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