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Need a rear Brake Booster

Hi all,

New to the Forum and have an LT1 Karmann Distance wide 1987 here in Ireland. It recently failed its MOT/DOE/CVRT on a seized rear load sensor/brake booster. I haven't had any look locating a replacment. Any one have any idea were I could locate one or get a rebuilt one?




  • Probably 11 months too late, taken from the Brickyard.
    .So many hits on this there must be several leaky valves out there. These are the components I used for the repair.

      The correct size of O rings needed are stated in the Wabco manual for the valve  and are large piston 2.4 X 13.3mm bore, smaller brass piston  2.4 X 5.3mm bore and the one on the plastic piston is 2.4 X 4.3mm bore.  These are all available online from Bought in packs of 5 and are classed as Nitrile 70.


    . The cup seal can be sourced from Past Parts of Bury St Edmunds   Telephone 01284 750729.  Ask for part number S9343.   This is OK using Dot 4 brake fluid; if you use anything else ask their advice as to compatibility. This firm also supplies a perfectly fitting rubber dust boot, part number PPL 17-7553. This company have suggested that they may be prepared to service the valve for you, best to give them a ring.

                    I will post my notes on how I did the repair when I can find a way of posting it. It may help somebody wanting to try the repair themselves.


    Best of luck, it worked for me.


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